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May 22, 2012- Day 7 (Corfu Holiday Palace)


Sarandë, Albania

Our first view of Greece

We left Albania for a much needed retreat to Corfu, Greece after the horrible news of yesterday. We stayed at the Corfu Holiday Palace. It started life as a Hilton Hotel and its claim to fame is that one of the James Bond movies was filmed there. Today was a very relaxed, uneventful day spent on the beach and by the pool, after our trek through back alleys and narrow streets to find the bus stop. Needless to say I was very grateful Dr. Weigand has been gifted with an amazing sense of direction.

Could you find your way around with out GPS?

Old people are adorable… photo bombers are not.

Relaxing by the pool…

… soaking up the sun

The sea water was so cold that after a few minutes it was only tolerable because my extremities had gone numb, the cool thing though is the water was so salty I floated and didn’t need to tread water. All in all I’d say it was a great day 🙂