June 2, 2012 (Masquerade)


We left Shkoder today, but before or final departure, we visited the Venetian Mask Factory. It is owned and run by a man from Venice who moved to Albania (so they’re legit). We only got to see the store but that was more than enough! I was very surprised that they allowed us to take pictures of the merchandise but I wasn’t going to complain 🙂

All of these are handmade…

… and one of a kind!

Each one unique and beautiful.

I was so enamored with all the gorgeous masks that I bought 2! I took photographs of them incase they didn’t make it back to the States in one piece. 😛

I purchased this one for my sister

And this one for my Mom

Our afternoon in Tirana was laid-back and open for interpretation. Dr. Weigand, Cady, Kelsey, and Feagin got pedicures while Molly, Elijah, and Ashley explored the city. I relaxed in the hostel with a book 🙂 I ventured out briefly to accompany Kelsey and Feagin to their pedicure to get some fresh air and a change of scenery. My ulterior motive was procuring some 80 leke gelato 😉 (that’s about $0.80). Later that evening we met up at 100 Vila Restaurant and had another fantastic dinner.

Some colorful graffiti gracing the walls outside 100 Vila

My and Molly’s Neuron/Tree made of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

I’m sad to realize that we’re going home in two days…


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