May 30, 2012- Day (Tears of Rosafa)


View of Shkoder, Albania from Rosafa Castle

We started our day with a trip to Rosafa Castle where legend has it there were 3 brothers who were the princes of the castle. Each brother was married. For some reason they could not complete the castle and fully protect it so the Eldest brother went to a witch for a solution. The witch told him that he had to kill the wife who served him lunch the next day and that he nor his brothers could tell their wives. The eldest and middle brothers told their wives but the youngest didn’t. The next day the youngest brother’s wife served lunch and was told she was to be sacrificed for the castle. She accepted but asked that they remove one arm, one breast, and one leg so that she may hold, feed, and comfort her son even after her death. They agreed, she was killed, and her body embedded in the last wall of the castle thus completing it. It is said that in the place on the wall in which her body lay there is a milky stream on the stones that is supposed to be her tears for her lost son.

Leg 1 of the road to Rosafa Castle

Leg 2 of the road to Rosafa Castle
Believe it or not, this climb was one of the milder ones of the trip…

The view from the top was definitely worth the climb 🙂

Rosafa Castle
Shkoder, Albania

Rosafa Castle
Shkoder, Albania

Place where the two main rivers running into Montenegro converge

Rosafa Castle
Shkoder, Albania

While soaking up the peacefulness of the castle Lori asked us to do a character sketch of a person who’s story had touched us on our trip. I chose Marigona Dulaku. She also asked us to do a scenery sketch of a place that affected us greatly, I chose the Communist Tunnels in Gjirokaster.

After reluctantly leaving Rosafa Castle we toured downtown Shkoder, stopped in the post office to send some post cards, and had one of the worst meals of the entire trip. It probably wouldn’t have been so bad if we hadn’t already become tired of the same cheese/meat/yogurt/olive combo that showed up everywhere we ate…

Inside a Catholic Church that was repurposed into a cinema during the Communist Era when religion was outlawed. It has since been turned back into a church and now houses scenes depicting Shkoder under communist rule and a memorial plaque for the many priests who were tortured and executed during the Communist Era.

Memorial Plaque of all the priests who were killed


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