May 28, 2012- Day 13 (Mirupafshim, Kosovo)


“When will independence be returned to Prizren, Serbia?”
Rough translation and may be slightly off

This morning we were supposed to sit in on a mock election in Prizren, Kosovo. Unfortunately we were misinformed about the provision of translation and so we left after the lunch break. Instead, we toured the city with Marigona and had a very delicious lunch and gelato at Ambient Restaurant. Today was kind of a relaxed day in which we mostly acted like typical tourists. It was very fun. We ran into some Turkish children outside a convenience store. They were quite precocious and a little rude but mostly cute, especially when Ashley began taking photos of them and showing them. They wanted her to friend them on Facebook and post their photos.

Beautiful 600 year old mosque along the river in Prizren, Kosovo

Gelato! ❤

Some kids having a “water war” in the city square

A Serbian church smack dab in the middle of Prizren
Its under police protection to prevent vandalism

After we left Prizren, it was Mirupafshim, Kosovo and Përshëndetje, Albania! We arrived in Shkoder in the late evening.

Black mineral mined in Albania and used to make roads. It is not actually used in Albania due to the poor condition of the roads and the even poorer construction infrastructure.

The sunset in Shkoder was beautiful

Sunset in Shkoder, Albania

Our lovely hotel inexplicably named Argenti University


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