May 27, 2012- Day 12 (Mountain Retreat From Past Sorrows)


Rugovë, Kosovo

Usually we wake up every morning and just get in the bus with a vague idea regarding the day’s plans, but today was not like every other day, no today we were totally unprepared for what awaited us. First, on our way to Rugovë, we were shocked into grief stricken silence when Shkodran shared his story (which I have sworn to keep secret). The most I can say is that I would not wish what happened to the Kosovar during the war on my worst enemy.

God, Fate, Destiny, whomever you believe in is a sneaky bastard however, because after hearing his story and being unable to process the grief and rage it caused we came upon an extremely tricky bit of mountain road. Three times we had to squeeze past other travelers on a barely one-way dirt path, in the rain, on the side of a mountain. Needless to say, by the time we made it up to our destination we were stress free due to the extreme release of endorphins caused by near-death panic. Luckily we were never in any danger because our driver, Zamir, is an amazing Godsend of a man who safely got us to the top none the worse for wear.

Rugovë, Kosovo

Cows on the front lawn… only in the Balkans
Rugovë, Kosovo

Once there we had a wonderful lunch amidst some truly spectacular mountain scenery and arrived safely back in Pristina.


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