May 26, 2012- Day 11 (Mitrovica: The Most Dangerous City in Europe)


Mitrovica, Kosovo

Today we ventured into the heart of the Kosovar-Serbian struggle, a city called Mitrovica. It is currently the most dangerous place in Europe due to the violent tensions between the Serb occupied northern part of the city, and the southern Kosovar side. We were accompanied on this daring journey by Marigona, Gladi, Afet, Shkodran, Yul, and Albert. Our first stop was a Serbian roadblock on the outskirts of the city.

Serbian Roadblock just outside of Mitrovica

On our way into the city we stopped at a memorial site. I didn’t really catch who the site was for but I got pictures šŸ™‚

Memorial Site
Mitrovica, Kosovo

Memorial Site
Mitrovica, Kosovo

Soon after arriving at the memorial site, we were kindly asked to leave because someone had seen our Albanian license plate. This was our first taste of the tensions in Mitrovica. When we got to the city, we saw how serious the situation was.

Serbian roadblock in the middle of the city. It separates the Serbian side from the Kosovar side. We were on the Kosovar side.

Very obvious sentiment

KFOR (Kosovo Force) and police were present to help keep the peace. (Somehow their toughness is lessened by the puppy…)

We quickly left the city due to the unsafe nature of the area. After a quick lunch we were off to our next stop, The Jashari Family Memorial.

My delicious cappuccino ā¤

The Jashari Family Memorial
The youngest family member to be killed was a 7 year old girl.

Adem Jashari leader of the KLA

Part of what’s left of the Jashari Family home.
It was bombarded by Serbian forces during the massacre of the family in a bid to kill the KLA leader, Adem, in an attempt to squash the KLA rebels


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