May 25, 2012- Day 10 (Kosovo)


Pristina, Kosovo

Today was spectacularly uneventful due to the 8/9 hour bus ride up the entire country of Albania and into Kosovo. One of the few exciting blips on this journey was when Dr. Weigand got in a little trouble with border patrol for taking pictures. Luckily it turned out not to be a huge deal and she got off with a slap on the wrist. We got into the capital city, Pristina, in the early evening and had just enough time to settle into our freezing hotel room before we were scheduled to go out and meet a good friend of Lori’s and refugee of the Kosovo War, Marigona Dulaku, some journalists Shkodran Gajraku and Afet Bela, and a former KLA member turned government official Yul (meaning Star, a very difficult but beautiful name). We had dinner and drinks with them at Corner, a fantastic restaurant, and then bar hopped for the rest of the night. We came back to the hotel tired, sweaty, and reeking of cigarettes, but these were only mere reminders of our fun time dancing at the clubs.

Our hotel in Pristina, Kosovo


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